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Al Nawras Interior Cleaning and Pest Control Services provides Hourly,weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or occasional cleaning services that fit their clients needs and budget. The fully trained staff uses gentle detergents, and color coded mops and towels to reduce cross contamination. Services include house, office, school, event cleaning, and more.

Al Nawras Interior Cleaning and Pest Control will serve all your needs of cleaning services in professional way through an immense range of environment friendly safe- cleaning products, and with dedicated team of professionals, to build the customers’ most satisfaction, at a very reasonable cost.

Our aim is to provide long and short term professional cleaning services, customized to our client’s needs. We are extremely flexible in adapting to special needs and can provide the services necessary to deliver an outstanding cleaning experience.

We believe combination of experienced management targeting clear objectives and conscientious personnel are the essentials to provide clients with a high quality and cost effective service, where the reality will match or exceed our customers’ expectations.

We custom design each cleaning program to meet your specific needs. Our wide of services will give you all the solutions you need with the quality you expect.

Our Mission:

Al Nawraz Interior Cleaning and Pest Control provide detailed professional cleaning services for both clinical and residential clients by offering competitive rates and by using safe products. It is our duty to see that your home and your clinic are cleaned thoroughly and efficiently. We aim to provide our cleaning services in Abu Dhabi with little interference in your busy schedules of your clinic working hours.

We provide the following services:

  • Quality cleaning services are provided in Abu Dhabi popularly known as Abu Dhabi cleaning services.
  • We assure delivery of timely cleaning services.
  • The services provided by our company are priced competitively. We also offer discounts to clients who sign up for monthly or yearly cleaning services.
  • We provide our services according to the flexibility of time which is preferable for our customers.
  • The services provided by our cleaners, supervisors, and management are of the highest order and of high quality.

We understand how important hygiene is for any health care clinic. We provide clinic cleaning services to kill the germs which can be responsible for creating bad odor and infections. That’s why our maids provide special care in deep cleaning the following

  • surgery equipment, clinical goods, medical equipment
  • Pest Control
  • patients’ rooms,
  • doctors’ chambers,
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Windows and doors cleaning
  • Time to time dustbin cleaning

Our Staff available on both full-time and part-time basis. Our Staff trained by our cleaning/ Pest Control experts and they will make your clinic look completely spotless and dust free. We use eco-friendly and harmless materials for cleaning of clinical equipment. Our goal is to create a microbiologically safer atmosphere for a better future.